Lavu Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

According to an official announcement posted by Lavu, the firm has revealed that they will start accepting payments from their clients in cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment method.

Lavu Contributing more Power to Cryptocurrencies

Popularly known for its international restaurant software products, Lavu recently revealed to the public that they have launched a new cryptocurrency payment system into their business model to facilitate those clients who prefer cryptocurrency payments. Lavu stated that they have partnered up with Verifone, which is recognized for its FinTech payment solutions, to integrate the cryptocurrency payment system on their selling platform.

By working together, Verifone and Lavu are going to develop a strong connection, basically fusing Lavu’s impressive restaurant software solution with the FLEX payment solution provided by Verifone. As a result of this new development, interested clients from more than 65 separate countries will now have a chance to pay for their desired products by gaining advantage of the multiple payment options that Lavu will now include and providing customers with ease.

This new crypto integrated Point of Sale system will be something unique for Lavu itself, as they will be highlighted for integrating cryptocurrency payments. As for how the integration will take place, Verifone will be attaching their e285 device with the tablet powered Point of Sale system by Lavu. Current supported cryptocurrencies include majority of the top listed ones such as, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many other stablecoins.

In connection with the cryptocurrencies will be supported cryptocurrency wallets provided by popular firms including PayPal, Venmo, WeChat Pay and few others.      

Growing Market Despite Doubts

Developments in the crypto space like these have proved that cryptocurrencies are still in a strong state. Many popular figures such as the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Legarde have expressed their concerns over the operation of cryptocurrencies, going as far as saying that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have absolutely zero value.

However, as the adoption level continuous to grow every day, despite the recent severe market corrections, fans of cryptocurrencies are still very much confident that cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere and the developments surrounding the adoption rate will eventually lead to much more stable markets in the coming time. Having such confidence surely means that the cryptocurrency market will soon stabilize once again and continue to show its presence.

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