The KuCoin Exchange has a great success and eminence in the cryptocurrency market. With over five million registered users in more than 100 countries, KuCoin has built a strong foundation, where they can continue to build and raise their trading platform.

As a result of redesigning, for users many features and functions have been added to the platform, based on recent feedbacks. Quality of life development is important, user-facing redesigns are concentrated on maintaining KuCoins’ high-performance standard.

Now, trading is more efficient – Thanks to ambition of increasing efficiency and decreasing the possibility of losses, there will be submitted some advanced order functions. These include Limit Orders, Market Orders, and Stop Orders and all this will be supported. Other order types such as Hidden Orders, Iceberg Orders, Stop Market Orders, and Stop Limit Orders also will be available.

New Functionality with APIs – New WebSocket API, including full 3 levels of market data.  Also, there will be integrated real-time  market  data  and  balance  data  streams, which  will help to increase the market depth.

Security with Phone Number Integration is increased – Now mobile numbers  can  be  used  to register an account on KuCoin instead of an email address.

Beyond Platform 2.0, there are still many plans for the rest of 2019 that will be realized. It will include new training facilities for new traders and social features that will help to connect users together.


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