Kubitx Plans To Provide A Solution Of The Cryptocurrency Market Of South Africa

KuBitX, the new currency exchange, will be launched in September 2018, and its founders believe that their deep knowledge of the requirements of the African market will give them an advantage over international competitors.

Erik Annan, CEO of KuBitX, says that the market entry strategy for differentiating bids from global exchanges operating in Africa is largely based on awareness – and that it is a “fully African” service that will offer up to 15 coins.

The Exchange created the Program of Global Ambassadors for direct interaction with consumers and informing them about the opportunities and realities of joining the global community of cryptocurrencies.

Most exchanges offer only online education on their websites. In addition, the language on these exchanges is English, so people from remote corners of Africa do not have the opportunity to receive any knowledge or information about the crypto currency.

The data transfer rate in Africa is currently one of the highest in the world that already causes limitations for many people. The new KuBitX exchange will strive to curb this by providing an indigenous education that has already begun with seminars, conferences and meetings of global ambassadors in such flagship countries as Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana and South Africa. At present, there are already about 28 global ambassadors across Africa.


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