Kraken, a US-based crypto asset exchange, announced that from May, 2019 they are going to start listing two coins per month.

This exchange chose to list Cosmos (ATOM), a Proof-Of-Stake crypto asset, which was founded upon the Tendermint consensus protocol. This digital asset will start trading on the 22nd of April, today. Also, the currency is going to be presented in ATOM/USD, ATOM/EUR, ATOM/CAD, ATOM/BTC and ATOM/ETH.

However, this announcement doesn’t appear to have a significant good influence on the worth of ATOM. The currency, experienced a negative change in value by 17% during the past day. ATOM’s market cap decreased from $1,2 bln to $1,06 bln.

After the launch of Cosmos on March 13th, on the 20th of March, ATAM was ranked as the third biggest Proof-Of-Stake crypto asset following EOS and Dash with Tron, Tezos and NEM sitting below it.

Kraken was recently involved in a large controversy when it announced delisting BSV, which was launched by self-proclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright. The claim about Wright’s identity was taken as a joke by the crypto asset community and he resolved to take legal action against those, who dismissed his claims. Resulting in this, numerous exchanges, as well as Kraken delisted Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision. The mentioned exchange conducted a Twitter survey that discovered that users believe Bitcoin Cash Satoshi’s Vision to be toxic. All of this was a cause for a great BSV value collapse.


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