Kraken Launches Affiliate Program

Kraken Launches Affiliate Program


A San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is launching its affiliate program with a 20% revenue share.

As announced by the exchange, the new program will let participants get 20% of the revenue generated from referrals for as long as they are active on the exchange, with up to $1,000 USD for each referred user.

“We want to start rewarding those who spread the good word. Starting today, you can get paid 20% of the fees we collect from a referred client,” the official announcement states.

In accordance with the report, the fact that the new affiliate program does not have any scheduled expiration date makes a significant difference from other similar programs, as other affiliate programs “only cover the first 3 months or first year of the clients’ activity.”

In order to take part in this affiliate program, the crypto exchange users just need to fill a simple form.


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