KIMCHI Sees Red Despite Going Up Over 100% In 24 Hours

Over the years, Bitcoin has been able to gather massive amounts of gains to trade where it is today. Even though, as of today, the leading digital asset is not doing so well in the market at this present time, the digital asset has seen remarkable gains since the start of the year.

Recently the market has had to deal with volatility which has pushed some of the assets in the market up while others have seen huge losses. Bitcoin on its own is trading around $58,800 while Ethereum is trading close to $2,000 with a superb win. But while that is something that is noteworthy, the massive increase recorded by the KIMCHI token has taken the whole headline since yesterday.

The asset saw a huge rise to reach above 120%

A look at coinmarketcap shows that the digital asset has seen a massive rise in the market to record a huge profit above 100%. Even though the digital asset is seeing what would be considered as a price correction, the massive rise was huge up to the extent that the digital asset recorded a massive 300% rise on other crypto exchanges. Looking at the price moves of the asset on CoinGecko also buttresses the 300% increase that it saw in the last 24 hours.

This news is remarkable because the whole crypto market has recorded a very encouraging first quarter, and the market cap is in a region close to $2 trillion. Taking a look at the in-depth analysis that was culled from the coin tracking website, it shows that the digital asset saw a massive 117% rise but is now presently seeing a slight loss of about 16.48% since yesterday.

The digital asset is now shedding a little profit

With coinmarketcap showing a rather believable price move and some few crypto exchanges showing a price move of about 300%, a small amount of crypto exchanges went ahead to show that the digital asset saw a rise close to 1000%. With the asset posting this massive figure in the last 24 hours, it is safe to note that the present king of the crypto sector, Bitcoin, has never gathered such a huge amount of profit in a day.

With the asset now taking a beating and seeing slight corrections, its total market cap is now around the $122,368,000 price region. While the boost that took over the digital asset saw it push up to trade at 342 on coinmarketcap yesterday, the digital asset is now trading at 357. One notable thing that is always taken into question is the activities of the traders of the question, which has pushed the digital asset up in the market.

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