Kevin Abosch Takes the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to the Stars

There has been a phrase “NFTs to the stars” trending recently, but Kevin Abosch, a conceptual artist from Ireland and one of the top hundred recognized personalities in the blockchain industry in 2020 by the popular crypto blog Cointelegraph, has given the phrase a new meaning as he announced that he planned to launch a new orbital satellite named “1111 KOSMOS.”

He made this declaration shortly after a related NFT (Abosh’s 1111 series) drop was concluded. The series is a collection of the 1111 images backed by non-fungible token, and Abosh’s website revealed that the collection would be a portal for the large project he announced. He further revealed that over time, he would reveal the modality of global communities’ interaction with the work.

In a recent interview he had, Abosch called the 1111 KOSMOS a project that would be one of many faces of the main 1111 series and would serve as some sort of “guiding star” for all the collectors.

In the interview, he said, “the main images of the 1111 non-fungible token collection are satellites. And there would be many surprises for those that would decide to take the journey.”

Crypto saving the Planet

Based on the news release from Abosch, 1111 KOSMOS is going to be a CubeSat that has an advanced camera as its outfit and a sole software will produce data of high quality regarding the change in the global climate. These data and images collected with the satellite will be available to government bodies and researchers who are concerned with climate change, as well as to set up another non-fungible token series that would be distributed to all the holders of the 1111 series.

Abosch, a man known for his exhibitionism that has been infused into his philosophically and conceptually driven complex work, has hinted at the launch on Twitter since last week, and he referred to it as ‘cosmic’ at a point.

From another perspective, there is a very strong possibility that the use of the satellite would be beyond tracking climate change. Many believe that he would use it for artistic purposes as well. Nevertheless, the 1111 KOSMOS will hit the stars in Q4, 2021.

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