Kaspersky’s crypto report 2019 states that 19% of people worldwide at least once bought crypto, as of 2019.

The research for the crypto report 2019 was conducted in October and November 2018, with 13 434 surveyed from 22 countries taking part. The research revealed that 81% of the world’s population never bought crypto coins, while only 10% of surveyed told they completely understand how crypto works. Moreover, 35% believe that crypto coins are a fad.

About 19% of respondents who used crypto stated that they have experienced hacking attacks on exchanges and 15% have been victims of crypto fraud. Meanwhile, only 14% of those who have never used crypto-asset, would like to do this in the future.

Among the main rationales why investors stopped using crypto-assets, the major part of respondents mentioned too high volatility, implying the need to stabilize prices before they are ready to return to them.

While 31% of respondents named volatility, other respondents indicated the possibility of losing money in the bear market, as well as the belief that cryptocurrency no longer makes a profit.

At the same time, 22% of surveyed stated that they no longer use cryptocurrency, as they are not provided with real assets. The risks of theft and fraud were cited by 19% and 15% respectively. It is almost certain that as exchanges become certified, more consumers will be prepared to invest their money in crypto industry.

In a press release accompanying the report, the Kaspersky team mentioned that the increasing popularity of the crypto industry among international consumers is slowing down as a consequence of the absence of a decent understanding of how crypto works.


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