Justin Sun rescheduled his dinner with Warren Buffett due to medical reasons and, later on, he was accused of participating in illegal crowdfunding campaigns and money laundering.

Sun issued a statement denying the accusations and declaring that he had never taken part in such activities and that TRON follows all the rules set by the government of China.

After the entrepreneur canceled his meeting with Warren Buffett, the news sparked a series of debates on the internet. It was suspected by many that the CEO of Tron used this as an opportunity for marketing.

However, Sun stated that the reason for this sudden change of events was a kidney stone attack. He is currently in a stable condition in the hospital. Sun refused any interview offers.

The auction that Justin Sun won in June was a charity event and the funds would be donated to the Glide Foundation, a US-based charity organization that aims to eliminate poverty and marginalization. Justin Sun gave over four million USDs to the charity for the lunch scoring an all-time high.

Although many people have expressed their concern over Sun’s health saying that it is the most important thing. Yet, many people were skeptical about the whole ordeal pointing out that Sun created big noise about the lunch and also was the first person to break an appointment with the business Magnate.

Justin Sun is a blockchain entrepreneur as well as founder of TRON and Chief Executive Officer of BitTorrent Sun is considered to be among the best young businessmen in China and his crypto coin Tronix (TRX) ranks among the TOP ten cryptocurrencies with a market cap of over one billion USD and aims to transform the entertainment industry.

Warren Buffett is a Nebraska-based US investor and businessman. He is one of the most successful investors of all time and he is currently worth over eighty billion dollars. In a CNBC interview in 2018, the investor expressed his concern over the Bitcoin mania saying that crypto coins will have a bad end.

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