JPMorgan is Hiring People for its Crypto Project

JPMorgan Chase is among those institutions that were so stiff and not caving in when the idea of cryptocurrencies first came into the market. There were those who didn’t appreciate nor acknowledged the digital financial revolution, but some of them are now walking on the path of this digital blockchain-based revolution, and JPMorgan Chase is now one of them too. In the past, the bank has even announced special trading services activated for members of the institute for Bitcoin and other main cryptocurrencies.

It has recently launched a cryptocurrency blockchain unit known as Onyx which will be able to provide diligent and customized crypto trading services to the diligent clientele. It seems that JPMorgan Chase wants to make up for the time it wasted neglecting the obvious digital phenomenon that is the crypto sector, and for that, the bank needs able and qualified staff, or otherwise, the very foundation of their blockchain network is subject to crumble. Therefore the bank seems to be on a hiring spree trying its best to fill up the open spots by riddling LinkedIn with job posts for engineering, marketing, and even auditing as well.

JPMorgan Chase has Sped up the Process of Hiring

It seems that the bank is in a hurry to fill up all the slots and ensure that their crypto investment sector becomes an instant success within the investors and their likes. The new system that JPMorgan Chase is working on doesn’t only cater to the users’ trading needs but also provides blockchain-related services to possibly hundreds or even thousands of institutes at the same time. This will help adopt blockchain-oriented networks across the region while the process is sped up by a single financial institution taking the initiative. A series of marketing hires are already done and coined by the bank, interviews are being arranged and conducted on an emergency basis, and soon the whole division will be up and running like any smooth sailing section of multi-tiered business industry.

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