John McAfee, crypto-enthusiast and businessman, has been freed after getting arrested in the Dominican Republic days after declaring that the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States was after him.

The billionaire was released on Wednesday based on the pictures of him that were circulating in social media. In the pictures, he is seen with some unknown men some of which were identified as law enforcement agents because of their uniforms.

McAfee commented that he was treated kindly and that the agents were helpful and friendly.

The billionaire along with his spouse and friends was detained during a boat trip and kept in confinements for less than a week. Their yacht, as well as some weapons, were seized by authorities.

The fact that John McAfee was absent for so long stirred up speculations that the United States authorities really did collect him. McAfee had claimed that was wanted by the Internal Revenue Service for tax evasion after he rejected paying taxes stating they were unconstitutional.

The magnet has also been accused of murder, yet, wasn’t charged with anything. According to him, these were just rumors meant to negatively impact his image.

McAfee had threatened members of the government saying that he had proof that would bury them if he were to get arrested.

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