The vice president of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for IBM, Jesse Lund, expressed his opinion about Bitcoin’s price, in the interview to news platform, mentioning that it will hit $1 million.

Speaking about the Bitcoin possible price on this New Year’s Eve, he said: “I’ll go with $5,000.” He also added: “I see Bitcoin at a million dollars someday.”

As an explanation to his predictions, he said that he “likes that number,” and “if BTC is at a million dollars, then Satoshi is equal to the value of the U.S. penny.” According to Lund, with that value the whole network would have a liquidity of over $20 trillion, suggesting that such liquidity could change corporate and high value payments.

During the interview also discussing the collaboration with Stellar, Lund mentioned that besides Stellar, IBM is considering to work with other cryptocurrencies: “it could be Ripple, even XRP, Bitcoin, but it would also probably include other instruments, like stablecoins, and even eventually soon – hopefully – central bank-issued digital currencies.”


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