Japanese E-Commerce Company Rakuten Launches Its NFT Trading Platform

With the rise in popularity of NFTs in the historical country of Japan, popular e-commerce platform, Rakuten has also decided to join the bandwagon of NFT adopters.

Japan, a country that is quite known for its technological advancements has been seeing an increase in the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) among traders in the region. Following this trend, one of Japan’s popular e-commerce platforms had decided to join the hype, introducing its own unique NFT platform and marketplace, bringing new ways for traders to operate in the market. Rakuten had previously revealed this idea of the new NFT platform back in last year, seeing the NFT market reach new levels.

Regarding the launch, Rakuten themselves stated that alongside the NFT marketplace, a unique platform will also exist that will help IP holders to build their own special websites and trade NFTs. Upon requesting for more information on the project, Rakuten stated that they will be updating followers frequently, as more details are revealed.

Pop Culture Strength

With hundreds of millions of people present in the country, Japan is also known for its incredible entertainment sector, hosting various pop cultures that comprise of thousands of anime series and manga books, that are enjoyed literally all around the globe.

Having such powerful presence in the world of entertainment, many traders in Japan believe that this is a great way to promote the creation and trade of blockchain-based assets, including NFTs. Digital collectible items of favorite anime characters and series can really attract hundreds or thousands of people, not only from Japan, but also from around the world.

2021 NFT Growth

Back in last year, the growth and popularity of NFTs had skyrocketed to levels that the world had never seen before. Many records in terms of trading volumes and adoption rates had been set, followed by many famous companies adopting NFTs into their trading activities.

Looking at Japan, tons of new crypto-based NFT projects have been introduced since last year, with local crypto exchange, Coincheck also debuting its own NFT marketplace. Back in July of last year, Mai Fujimoto, also called as “Miss Bitcoin” partnered up with blockchain gaming firm Enjin to host an NFT-based charity event for the needy present in Japan.

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