Jack Dorsey Calls Bitcoin Whitepaper Poetry

Jack Dorsey Calls Bitcoin Whitepaper Poetry


In his previous interview, Jack Dorsey shared his confident in Bitcoin once again. Twitter Co-founder & CEO named whitepaper of Bitcoin “poetry”.

Expressing his point of view regarding Bitcoin’s white paper, Dorsey mentioned that it’s 1 of the most epochal results of computer science in the recent 2 to 3 decades.

Expressing his excitement regarding Bitcoin, Dorsey emphasized the fact that it’s decentralized, naming it “the most beautiful thing” regarding the first cryptocurrency. He also mentioned that it’s quite “organic in nature” as well as “very principled in its original design” thing.

Dorsey also noted that Bitcoin is something created, developed and tested online, adding: “It’s of the internet.”

With reference to the future of the first crypto asset, Twitter CEO mentioned: “I think that the amazing thing is no one knows,” In addition, he noted: “It can emerge and every person that comes into the ecosystem, whether they be a developer or someone who uses it, can change its direction in small and large ways.”


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