Italian Banks are Willing to Trial a Digital Euro

Italian Banks are Willing to Trial a Digital Euro


The Italian Banking Association (ABI) has reported that Italian banks are available to experiment a digital euro.

As it is stated, ABI that includes about 700 Italian banks and banking institutions, is ready to support the quicken realization of a digital currency backed by the ECB through taking part in related trials & programs.

Previous year, ABI formed a group to study crypto-assets. The group shared 10 considerations for a digital euro. As a superiority is set monetary stability & the complete compliance with the European regulatory framework.

In the second consolidation is mentioned that Italian banks are already working with distributed ledger technology (Spunta project), which was set to integrate blockchain with an intention to quicken the processing of interbank settlements.

It’s also mentioned that the digital money needs to be fully trusted by citizens. That’s why it’s critical that the highest standards of regulatory compliance, safety and supervision are adhered to.

Italy isn’t the 1st country to show his willing in experimenting with a digital euro. France and Netherlands have also expressed their interest in trial of digital euro.


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