Italian Banking Seeking Solution To Crisis Through Naples City ISO

Financial system of Italy requires a rescue boat and it seems to appear from a last official report from the city of Naples that those within the city’s administration would choose for that recovery the blockchain rather than the European Central Bank.

A working team has been formed to utilize blockchain innovation technology in different spheres of commerce among them the “generation, distribution and use of a new cryptocurrency (ICO) linked to the city’s economy.”

Along with the ICO, the city designs to apply blockchain in regulatory procedure, “accept payments in cryptocurrencies” and “implement fundraising based on cryptocurrencies.”

Concerned participants can motivate  developments and future planned events of the city on a elementary text-based website that updates every .

All  mentioned nations and countries are meeting their own well-promoted economic questions and would be reasonable  stakeholders in any worldwide blockchain co-operation.

Spain and Portugal have for a long period been known to be at analogous financial risk as Italy and Argentina lately received record IMF financial assistance which have failed to support their currency while the ongoing petro cryptocurrency experiment is part of a larger initiative to renew Venezuela’s muddy economy.



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