Recently when surfing the internet it is impossible to leave out news about blockchain technology and its new projects known as IOTA and the IoT concept. Of course, You will be interested in getting to know them a little bit more.

IoT is considered as part of the new blockchain technology, even an unavoidable and inseparable part especially emerging in future. It tends to make blockchain as a common element in our daily life like internet is. For achieving that result we should see and feel the connection between blockchain and the daily internet. That is precisely what IOTA’s main intention is. This is obvious due to the many companies and projects with which they collaborate.

We all want to make our lives easier, more comfortable and it is possible by connecting our “things”. Let’s take our smartphones as an example. They are made to keep connection worldwide, but they not only make calls but also open an access for many other fields that create communication.

In smartphones we can incorporate things like Google, Amazon that help us to link from our homes to wherever we want and work together.

The answer to the question that why it is better to connect blockchain to internet is that blockchain really possesses amazing advantages. It can help the internet to implement things that it cannot manage alone. The Blockchain allows to use the internet faster and more secure. So it can actually help to improve all the things that internet does.

When using the blockchain in IOT, consumers will not meet any middlemen. This makes our technology more comfortable than it has ever been. IOT seems to be the best innovative revolution that is ready to make the existing technology for the better, letting us take one more huge jump into the upcoming technological turn.




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