IOS 12 Apple Includes Bitcoin Symbols

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IOS 12 Apple Includes Bitcoin Symbols

Apple (AAPL) has been largely removed from the hype of the emerging cryptocurrency industry, deciding to even ban cryptocurrency mining-related applications.

However, for the first time Apple has included a pair of Bitcoin symbols in iOS 12.

Symbols are now available with the latest software update and in the new Siri shortcuts app when you set a logo for a shortcut. The shortcut system is a progression of Siri software, allowing iPhone and Apple Watch users to use Siri for multi-step procedures.

While symbols are a big step forward for crypto-enthusiastic Apple users, there are still no crypto-emoticons available for messaging.

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency currently available as a symbol (glyph), but users are free to customize the icon color to mimic the Bitcoin Cash symbol (BCH) or any other color they like.

BTC is currently trading at $6,668 and accounts for 54% of the AltDex 100 (ALT100) index, the underlying index for cryptocurrencies and high capitalization tokens.


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