Investments Global Review – Is Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?
Investments Global
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Investments Global is a broker for trading online through a quality and user friendly online trading platform. You can read our Investments Global review today to learn all about them. We have given them a score of 4.4/5. You can visit their website and sign up through the link below to start trading.

Investments Global Review

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There are literally hundreds of online brokers flooding the market, trying to gain the attention of traders in order to get their business. Every other broker is trying out some new tactic or strategy to lure traders to their platform in order to move ahead of their competitors. The problem with such brokers is that they end up making false promises and are unable to deliver. You don’t want to use the services of such a broker because it could lead to significant disappointment later on. What you need is a broker like Investments Global, which has gone to great lengths to understand their target audience.

The purpose of doing so was to come up with a platform equipped with all essential features and services that traders would need. In a nutshell, this broker was focused on redefining the trading process and it seems they have achieved their goal quite well. This is evident by the fact that Investments Global has seen a boost in its popularity and is becoming the top choice of many traders in different parts of the world. Currently, the broker is offering its services in 60 countries and is planning to expand to more.

But, how exactly has Investments Global redefined the trading process? Let’s take a look at what broker has done.

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Responsive Trading Platform

When you talk about overall trading experience, it mostly boils down to one thing; the trading platform offered by a broker. It is the software that’s used for conducting trades and if it doesn’t work well, you will have a lot of complaints.

Investments Global ensures that you have nothing to complain about when you go with is responsive trading platform. The broker has opted to offer a web-based trading platform, which is extremely convenient, because it can be accessed on any device through the browser. You can use it on your smartphone or you can use it on your PC.

Since it is a web-based platform, it doesn’t depend on a device for its performance. It offers you speed and flexibility and comes with pre-designed and customized layouts for your convenience.

You don’t have to worry about security updates as they are the responsibility of Investments Global. They have also added a ton of trading tools like market reviews, financial research, and charting tools, which optimize the performance of the trading platform.

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Strict Privacy Policies

Many traders feel apprehensive when signing up with a broker because they are concerned about the security measures implemented. Investments Global broker is familiar with the emphasis placed on security by traders and has done the same itself.

The broker helps its clients maintain their anonymity by keeping them unidentified in their records. Yes, they do have a KYC (Know Your Customer Policy) under which you are required to give proof of ID and address to verify yourself, but that’s for verification.

They offer full data encryption, which means no one can get to your information. Other than that, they have also opted for two-factor authentication for account security and keep up with the highest standards.

They also keep up with top standards in terms of payment verification. As far as your finances are concerned, Investments Global is aware that keeping trader funds online is risky.

Therefore, only 10% are kept online, and the rest are transferred to cold wallets for safekeeping. They also have an insurance policy in place under which you will be compensated fully, should something happen to your money.

This gives you peace of mind and allows you to trade without any worries about your funds or your identity being compromised.

Diversity In Account Options

In order to begin trading, you need to register with a broker and the process is quite simple with Investments Global. You only need to share a few basic details to register yourself on the platform and are then required to choose an account option.

Brokers offer different account types for traders from different backgrounds. Beginners, experienced traders and professionals don’t have the same needs or requirements.

Therefore, the account types are adjusted accordingly to ensure the needs of every trader are fulfilled. They have a total of five account options available, starting from the Starter account and going as high as VIP.

The rest of the account options are classic, standard, and professional. The minimum deposit requirement to open an account with Investments Global is $250 and the maximum amount you can invest is $250,000+.

Some features are consistent throughout all accounts like the availability of customer support, access to education center, and a personal analyst. But some features like money management plans, financial research and protected trades are only available for specific accounts.

Investments Global accounts

Variety Of Instruments For Trading

A big benefit of trading is that there are numerous instruments to invest in, which can reduce your risks significantly. Even if one goes down, the other is usually rising, which means you don’t have to deal with heavy losses.

Investments Global has provided its clients with the opportunity to invest in multiple markets and different financial instruments. You can trade stocks of big companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google and more.

If forex currency pairs appeal to you, you can buy and sell top currencies like USD, AUD, EUR, GBP etc. Indices and commodities are also available. In fact, Investments Global has also added crypto options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple to their platform to help its clients in developing a diversified portfolio.

Availability Of Support

Investments Global also provides reliable and quick customer support to traders. The FAQ section is rich with questions on different areas of the broker. If you have any further queries, you can get in touch with the broker via call, email or live chat. They will provide you with a quick response around the clock.


At the end of the day, it doesn’t take long for a trader to realize that the Investments Global trading platform has truly redefined trading, for both beginners and experienced traders and given them a great opportunity to earn money.

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