Intel Partners With SAP For Development Of Blockchain-Technologies For Enterprises

Technology giant Intel in partnership with the German manufacturer of enterprise software SAP has created blockchain-based technologies to integrate them with new and existing business applications for enterprises.

The use of blocking technology in the enterprise will allow decentralizing business applications for greater flexibility, transparency and scalability.

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SAP and Intel are conducting comparative studies to analyze the indicators of blockchain, such as transactions per second, to identify bottlenecks in the network that can be optimized with more powerful and high-performance technologies.

Within the framework of the partnership, SAP will use its recently launched SAP HANA lock-up adapter to create blockchain-based solutions that help customers create transparent business processes.

SAP will also offer Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) on the SAP Blockchain cloud platform, which allows customers to integrate corporate and blocking data.

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Meanwhile, Intel will include in its partnership its processor technologies, which have unique opportunities for improving privacy, security, scalability and trust in the networks of blockchain.

Intel and SAP also joined the global industry consortium consortium to expand and accelerate the introduction of business and transmission practices for block-based solutions in enterprises.


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