INGOT Coin Announced Successful INGOT Token Presale

The INGOT Coin group has declared the prosperous fulfillment of their INGOT token presale that created huge $40 million from more 6,000 backers.

The INGOT program is designed at connecting the gap between new cryptocurrency markets and existing financial markets with their innovative DLT-based system that permits users to conduct easily. Currently, the INGOT team has effectively stroke the target of $40 million.

With the new discovered war chest, the ingot group has made it clear that they have received an inch closer to making their dream of a decentralized exchange, a reality.

The TGE goes on until August 11, 2018, and all concerned participants are informed and advised to connect the winning INGOT group now.

The Ingot Coin group are defined to make Ingot Coin rating between the top ten cryptocurrencies all over the world. Among that background, they are constantly hard at work, trying to intensify the formation and reach of INGOT Coin throughout the world.

In the period when many have lost trust in cryptocurrency programs due to the continuous examples of frauds, robbery and hacks, INGOT is creating an interelated global community of trust and coolleboration with its highly obvious platform.

INGOT is balanced to give power back to the people by making them take total control of their finances.


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