Imprisoned Tornado Cash Developer’s Wife Prohibited from Speaking with Him

The Wife of Alexey Pertsev (the creator of Tornado Cash) has been banned by the Dutch authorities from talking to him. Ksenia Malik stated that the authorities were dealing with her husband as if he was a dangerous criminal after he got arrested the previous week. The Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) caught Pertsev on 12th August. The charges raised against him were the supposed utilization of a privacy tool based on Ethereum to assist in money laundering as well as to conceal the financial flows in the criminal transactions.

Pertsev’s Wife Complaints about Dutch Authorities’ Ill-Treatment of Him

Malik confirmed that the Ethereum dev is even now under the custody of the Dutch authorities. She asserted that they have not given a single chance to her to speak to her husband up till yet and he is behind the bars. She added that it is not justifiable to keep him in jail as well as to deal with him as a dangerous criminal. She brought to the front her apprehensions that no prior notice or warning was sent to them in advance of the developer’s arrest.

In her words, it is extremely surprising that a person gets arrested just for constructing open source code. Malik mentioned that the only thing she can guess is the difficulties experienced by him doing so and the disastrous situation that he is facing at the moment. As per her, the developer is locked up and no one is allowed to interact with him, even for a short time.

1inch Conducts a Rally in Support of Tornado Cash Dev

Even though Malik is finding herself in a clueless situation in this respect, she does have some support to rely on. A rally is to be conducted by “1inch,” a decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator, in Amsterdam on 20th August. This will signify support for the Tornado Cash developer as well as a stand for the rights of the developers who establish open-source software.

Even before this, open support has been formerly voiced by 1inch, especially in this issue. It stated that Pertsev’s arrest is threatening to the entirety of the sector of open-source software. According to the platform, if these developers are caught and held accountable for the misuse of their software in the others’ hands, then the whole sector might collapse one day.

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