Ethereum Foundation developers and Matter Inc. startup released a test solution for scaling Ignis which is based on a Plasma technology and zkSNARKs.

Ignis replaces the verification of SNARK transactions with confirmation of the correctness of the new block, which is automatically verified by the smart contract. This significantly reduces the size of the Commission.

To ensure that anyone who wants to restore the structure of the Merkle tree is able to do so, a small piece of data (up to 9 bytes) from each transaction is included in the Ethereum virtual machine. In the long term, the solution can reach a throughput of more than 500 transactions per second.

According to the Ethereum Foundation developer Alex Glukhovsky, the block size of the current Ignis prototype is limited to eight transactions, since it serves only as a confirmation of the operability of SNARK confirmations, but in the full version the block size will be 1600.

In the future, the developers intend to hold a ceremony of creating a trusted environment similar to Zcash.

Recall, presented in March 2018, the Plasma solution is aimed to increase the bandwidth of the Ethereum network. The system represents the external level smart contracts that can interact with the main bloccano.

zkSNARKs – zero-knowledge proof Protocol allows to convert transactional data into so-called compressed evidence, the size of which remains unchanged regardless of the number of inputs.


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