Huobi Enters Partnership with Tradingview for Data Integration

Top global crypto exchange Huobi has entered a strategic partnership with financial charting platform, Tradingview to integrate crypto trading data to the exchange. The partnership will enable Huobi users to directly view the real-time prices of cryptocurrencies on Huobi with TradingView. 

Tradingview users will also be able to easily create accounts and commence trading on Huobi without having to move from one platform to another. 

Huobi is a global crypto exchange servicing millions of users from over 160 countries and regions across five continents. It has gradually evolved from being just an exchange to a full blockchain ecosystem, rendering services such as digital asset trading, financial derivatives, wallets, research, investment, incubation and other areas.

The exchange has one goal, which is to provide comprehensive services to and values to global cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Huobi hopes to improve user experience by integrating data and trading services.

“It is a great honor to partner with TradingView and provide more investors with easy access to crypto assets. Huobi hopes that the launch of data and trading integration services will considerably optimize and upgrade user experience. It enables Huobi to expand to more regions, improve global brand awareness, build a Web3 gateway, and help more traders to trade crypto safely,” a spokesperson for Huobi stated.

TradingView is also a key platform in the crypto space. It is a social platform where traders can learn from other traders and share ideas. They can also test their strategies before applying them to real trades to minimize losses.

Apart from that, TradingView also brings regular financial updates and news, chart analysis, investment papers, as well as live broadcasts to help traders be at their best game.

With this partnership, Huobi users can now optimize their investment strategies and grow their profits with these features, enabling them to maximize every trade they engage in going forward.

“TradingView has established partnerships with multiple exchanges within the cryptocurrency industry. The addition of the well-established exchange Huobi brings more potential for future collaboration. As the partnership evolves, the platform’s multi-dimensional customizable analysis tools and enriched social modules will undoubtedly spark unique synergies with Huobi. This will usher in new opportunities for the cryptocurrency industry,” a TradingView spokesperson stated. 

Huobi Partnerships

Huobi has been working aggressively to improve user experience on its platform over the years, no wonder it is one of the top global crypto exchanges today. This involves several partnerships, and this one is just one of them. 

The exchange entered another strategic partnership with Gala Games, a blockchain-based gaming platform in March this year. The partnership had three goals, namely the listing of the Gala Games native token, $GALA, the integration of Huobi’s Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) with the Gala Games platform; and the development of new blockchain-based games that will be available on both platforms. 

Through the partnership, not only Huobi or Gala Games, but the entire blockchain gaming industry would benefit and develop further.

Huobi Attracting New Users

The partnership with TradingView is indeed strategic, and is a great way for Huobi to attract more users by making data access easier as well as the general user experience on its platform. 

With such an integration, traders who are serious about improving their trades will find the platform more attractive, making it a priority crypto exchange in the near future.

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