The cloud development department of the Chinese Corporation Huawei has launched a blockchain service for the decentralized applications development. The new platform is capable for implementing a variety of scenarios, including identity verification, food supply tracking, telemedicine services and IoT device management.

The platform makes it cheaper and faster to create, deploy and manage decentralized applications within the Huawei Cloud service. As noted in the report, BCS is the next stage before the release of the global blockchain platform.

Huawei claims that BCS can be used in most industries, including the Internet of things (IoT), data storage, and financial services. BCS can perform a broad range of scenarios, including the verification of identity, monitoring of the food supply, telemedicine, transaction data management of IoT devices, data verification and the “Internet of vehicles” (IoV).

BCS will provide easy switching between nodes and high throughput – more than 5 thousand transactions per second. Another advantage is – reduced network administration costs, as well as security and privacy options, including multi-level encryption and the ability to “isolate” the user.

In November, the Chinese Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium (FISCO), managed by Huawei and technology giant Tencent, introduced the FISCO BCOS blockchain network.

In addition, in the spring Huawei patented a blockchain-based solution to protect the copyright of digital content.


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