Hoskinson Discusses the Cardano Lineage Continuation up till 2025

The co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain and the founder of the third generation blockchain Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has shared a new video on his YouTube channel. The video has made enough noise in the crypto community that has helped the ADA token achieve a 1.2% gain in 24 hours. The phenomenon has been noticed by Hoskinson and said to have brought him joy and happiness.

In this video, he shared a roadmap for the Cardano blockchain as far as the year 2025. He picked out the Alonzo stage as the first stop for his commentary. The protocol would bring smart contracts to the blockchain and would be completed during a live schedule that would be streamed at the end of the ongoing month. He also told his followers about the point-to-point transfer project that would be directed at solving the scaling problems of Cardano. 

Crypto Exchange Giant Coinbase Pro Adds Cardano to its Listing

Coinbase Pro is the premium version of the top US crypto exchange platform Coinbase. While Coinbase is an ideal place for retail users to put their stakes with a clean user interface in the digital asset of their choice, Coinbase Pro is a place of trade for seasoned investors and financial gurus with access to advanced charting, trading, and superior control. The platform is frequented by A-list investors and many high-ranking hedge fund and asset managers. 

The official Twitter account of Coinbase Pro announced on Twitter on March 18th, 2020, that ADA has been listed on the platform. In the aftermath of the news, the altcoin raised 22% within 24 hours. At the moment, only the option of withdrawals to Shelley and Byron addresses is available. Once sufficient liquidity has been established, it would enter into full-trading mode.

More Updates Lined Up for Cardano, Says Hoskinson

In his YouTube video, Hoskinson shared many more plans for the development and growth of his brainchild project. He shared some details about the up-and-coming Voltaire update. With the implementation of this update, Cardano would become an all-around decentralized ecosystem. To add more efficiency to the scalable transfer technology, Hoskins plans to get in contact with third-party experts. 

The most prominent update, perhaps, is the Ouroboros Omega. This update’s main focus is to install the capability of processing one thousand transfers per second on Cardano. The union project with Omega would also contribute to reducing hack attacks on the network by 51%. The followers of the blockchain can also look forward to a new crypto wallet with an improved interface, better security, and more functions. 

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