Hershey is uniting with an advertising blockchain consortium

AdWeek announced about the partnership agreement between AdLedger, blockchain Consortium, and Hershey. With this agrrement, blockchain technology will be used not only in advertising campaigns of the American chocolate giant, but also in the activity of chocolate factory itself, providing tracking of cocoa delivery.

Vinny Rinaldi mentioned: “This is going to be a fundamental change in the way we think.”

It is worth noting that the industry of advertising is not very transparent and blockchain can resolve these issues as it will make the information available to all participants of the ecosystem. AdLedger, which is founded in 2018, is a joint project of IBM, MadHive & Tegna. This consortium is a non-profit company, developing distributed registry technologies for the market of digital advertising.

Last year, Salon Media and IBM launched a joint experimental blockchain product called the Campaign Reconciliation Project, generated by AdLedger. This solution is designed to reduce the number of intermediaries in this industry, making it assailable to various types of fraud, for example, the use of Internet bots and phishing domains.

In October last year, Toyota, signed a partnership agreement with blockchain-based advertising company, Lucidity to reduce fraud in paying for digital advertising, ensure advertising processes’ transparency & reduce costs.

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