Here’s Why Experts Believe Dogecoin Could Dominate Bitcoin
  • Roger Ver, a renowned BTC analyst, and proponent comes out to favor DOGE, trusting Dogecoin might dominate Bitcoin.
  • Ver revealed shifting his focus away from BTC to Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin.
  • Crypto experts wait for retail participation to trigger price rallies in Dogecoin.

A recognized Bitcoin fan has shifted his attention to the original meme coin, Dogecoin. Roger Ver believes Dogecoin is superior to Bitcoin and backs Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition. Most experts believe the latest DOGE-Twitter correlation will lead to Dogecoin price prosper.

Ver Now Prefer DOGE to BTC

Dubbed “Bitcoin Jesus,” Roger Ver is a top crypto analyst within the cryptocurrency community. The expert has supported Bitcoin. However, he changed after returning to social media following a break, sharing his views on Dogecoin. The analyst trusts the meme coin could dominate Bitcoin. That comes after the latest Twitter buy by Elon Musk. Remember Musk has been a Dogecoin supporter, propelling it to new highs over the past years.

Ver supports the decisions by Elon Musk and trusts Dogecoin will secure utility in Twitter. Surprisingly, Ver believes DOGE is superior to other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. He argues that regular individuals using custodial wallets will see BTC losing its one vital property – privacy- that made Bitcoin revolutionary.

That would mean DOGE provides its holders and users higher utility, ease of use, and decentralization, compared to other cryptos, translating to a superior option. Remember, custodial wallets interrupt the privacy principle.

Most custodial wallets and centralized exchanges require user identity verification, violating the concept that differentiates BTC from different digital tokens. That had Ver shifting his focus to Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin from Bitcoin.

@AltcoinSherpa, a trader and analyst, trusts DOGE’s price rally isn’t sustainable. He believes massive retail participation is the ideal moment for Dogecoin rallies.

However, the crypto spectrum continues to struggle today, 30 April. While writing these lines, the global crypto market capitalization stood at $1.76 trillion, following a 0.68% loss within the previous 24 hours. Also, Bitcoin struggled below the $40K mark, trading at around $38,597 at this publication. The downbeat mode emerged as market players remained worried about stiffer rate hikes.

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