Hackers Exploit Circle CSO’s Twitter Account to Promote Suspicious USDC Airdrop

Dante Disparte, the chief strategy officer at Circle Internet Financial Ltd., has confirmed that his Twitter account has been hacked. The Circle team tweeted on March 22 revealed that bad actors compromised Disparte’s Twitter profile to promote fake USD Coins.

The hackers utilized deceptive marketing strategies to lure investors to their scheme. According to the report from the Circle team, the hackers assured USDC loyal customers a fake reward.

Disparte Twitter Account Hacked

Following last week’s crypto market headwinds that triggered the depegging of the stablecoins, including the USDC Disparte, updated the Twitter community on the impact of the fallout of Silicon Valley on cryptos. In his tweet, Disparte assured Circle fans to be awarded a bonus once the market regains strength.

He revealed plans of the currents changes in the Circle compliance department. Disparted also updated the USDC community Circle’s participation in the ongoing Blockchain week in Paris.

Afterwards, the bad players in the crypto world launched a malicious attack on his Twitter account to misleading investors. As per the tweet, the hackers revealed plans to compensate the USDC holder through a one-time bonus that has a similar feature to airdrop.

The reward will only be issued to the users who will disclose the crypto wallet account details. A few hours later, the hackers are accused of getting rid of the four tweets that have created heated debate among the USDC community.

The suspicious tweet has prompted the Disparte team in Boston to collaborate with security experts to probe the matter.

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