Google Mistakenly Banned The Application For The Mining Of Cryptocurrencies

In an effort to limit the spread of Cryptojacking, the process of shadowing the cryptocurrency, Google updated its terms of service in July to prohibit applications for the production of cryptocurrency on devices from the Play Store. Unfortunately, it seems that (in addition to the many applications for mining), the Internet giant mistakenly banned some legitimate applications, including with more than a million installations.

The MinerGate application, which is an installed mining multi-pool with more than 15 cryptocurrencies available for mining, with downloads of 1m + was removed from the Play Store on August 29th.

The remote application – MinerGate – originally offered both mining on the device and the functionality of remote management of cloud mining. To match the updated service conditions from Big G, MinerGate removed the data mining function on the device from its application.

The MiningGate application has always worked in compliance with all rules and policies, as today all requirements are important for the development of crypto-mining.


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