Google Added Ethereum (ETH) Into Its Platform For Data Analysis

Internet search giant Google has added Ethereum (ETH) to its BigQuery platform for analyzing large data.

Previously, it was possible to get only partial access to information, for example, checking the status of a transaction or balance in the crypto wallet, through API tools, it was difficult to get full information about the data stored on the blockchain through them.

But now BigQuery users who know database programming have advanced functionality that will help them learn more about the processes in the Ethereum blockchain.

The Google software system, built on its cloud platform, does several things: it synchronizes the ethereum blockchain with computers; it retrieves daily data from the ethereum blockchain, including the results of transactions of smart contracts; and it “normalizes and stores the data broken down by dates in BigQuery for easy and cost-effective research.”

In some examples of why adding can be useful or interesting to users, Google gives a few examples, showing that, firstly, CRYPTOKITTIES (crypto-collectivization game) smart contract transactions are by far the most numerous in the ethereum network, and secondly, it is considered the data from the project OMISEGO token ERC-20.


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