Go4rex Review – When Safety Is a Priority for You

Go4rex Review

Are you thinking about trading but you can’t put your finger on one option because you are too worried about security to pick one? That’s quite a commonplace happening with traders who are about to trade for the first time. You want the best option, but you are also not ready to compromise on your safety as a trader. I want to make this Go4rex review all about trading safely. After a long experience with this company, I can tell you a lot about it. However, for now, I just want to focus on the safety features and things that make you feel secure while you trade on this platform.

Choose a Regulated Platform

Do you know you will be choosing a regulated platform when you go with this company? That’s quite an important factor to consider when you sign up with an online company, but a lot of new traders tend to ignore it. I can tell you with surety that half of your worries will be gone once you pick a regulated company. When an online broker has regulation in place, you know it is not making hollow claims. Financial Services Authority is a name you will usually see on websites that are regulated and provide their trading services professionally. That’s the same regulatory authority that regulates this company as well.

If you are looking for regulation information, you will find it right on the website. You can just look at the bottom i.e. the footer, of the website for that information. Once you know the company is regulated, you can sign up with it without any worries.

Be on a SSL Secure Website

It can be quite worrying when you are not sure about the safety of the website on which you plan to sign up. You should know if you are a new trader that when you sign up with any financial services provider on the internet, you have to provide them with your sensitive information. You will have to disclose your bank account number or the credit card number. In addition to that, you will have to give out the identification number that has been issued by your country’s government. Do you think you can afford to give out all of this information on a website that does not have encryption in place?

You should be glad to know that the website address of this company starts with HTTPS. If you don’t know, the S at the end of it means that the company has proper security socket layers installed. This means all the information that you give out on the website gets encrypted as soon as you give it out.

Trade in Accordance with KYC and AML

One of the signs that you are signing up with a legitimate online trading platform is that it will provide you with KYC and AML information on the website. Why does a broker have this information? Well, the company is trying to tell you that it adheres to those policies. It implements the KYC policy when the traders are signing up on the website. As per the requirements of the policy, you will have to provide the company with your identification number, physical address, name, and other important contact details. The AML policy is designed to help the company prevent money launderers from signing up on the website.

By requiring the trader to provide their banking account number or the credit/debit card number along with pictures, the company prevents anyone who is trying to use the platform with fraudulent intentions.

Final Thoughts

You can see here that Go4rex is dedicated to making its trading platform safe for you in every way possible. From encrypting your data as soon as you insert it on the website to having its financial services monitored and regulated by FSA, this company provides you with all the good reasons to sign up on its trading platform.

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