GGRocket Is Launching Blockchain Based AI Solution

GGRocket, which is blockchain powered trustless virtual economy and AI driven big data analytics for the gaming industry company, is launching blockchain based high-tech AI solution. The mentioned AI solution will be launched for the gaming economy through an Initial Token Sale on 01 September 2018.

GGRocket is a blockchain-powered insecure virtual economy and AI driven enormous and major data analytics for the gaming industry. GGRocket envisages an escrow service for in-game trading operations and an analytical instrument for platforms to enhance their income applying major data collected from the ecosystem activity.

GGRocket is backed by a money given by Microsoft as well as several Venture Capitalists to create a business or to help a business grow, especially in an area with a lot of unemployed people. The firm has a special business team of more than 30 operational staff.

GGRocket is based on the principles of a decentralized network system of customers and professional gamers that possibly can safely change in-game goods and services into  true peace assets. The whole virtual ecosystem will be constructed over the personal GG Chain which gives the possibility to participants t6o connect to smart contracts and decentralized applications. The ecosystem will have utility and fuel like GGRocket Tokens (GGR)  which will  allow the buyers, sellers and participants to cooperate among themselves in a trustless working conditions.

GGRocket already has significant client base via cooperation with which is today a multi-million dollar market for in-game goods and services. So this mind of cooperation has shown the concept in GGRocket’s solutions to more than hundred thousand buyers and sellers.



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