Get Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship for Bitcoin Cash BCH

Today it is very easy to become the citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. According to the new parliamentary act it permits performing Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) Act through payments of Bitcoin Cash BCH and other cryptocurrencies. The recently settled draft law was adopted  and confirmed this week. The CIP program has a lot of advantages for the applicants and is very comfortable for those whose life currency is now Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) has been developed  by the Antigua’s Bitcoin Cash ambassador Calvin Ayre. Pursuant to the program it allows individuals and their families to become citizens of the country. The CIP as well represents some advantages to the recipients and their families and among them mare such as business opportunity and proposal in the developing economy of the country, tax-free advantage, and even visa-free program for travelling to 132 countries of the world.

According to the regulated CIP act, the Citizenship by Investment Unit will have to open foreign accounts in order to get the payments, to dispel the apprehension of those who think the local bank will lose a relationship. As per the Prime Minister Browne, the CIP is a bright possibility to possess offshore banking accounts like Global Bank and Commerce.

Antigua accepts Bitcoin Cash BCH as the only real Bitcoin and as one of the most scalable and flexible cryptocurrency all over the world. Today getting the citizenship in Antigua is made easy with cryptocurrency, besides the country is also becoming an investment center and has the opportunity to improve its economy.


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