German Stock Exchange BOERSE STUTTGART To Create ICO Platform & Crypto-Exchange

Boerse Stuttgart (or “Börse Stuttgart”) which is the second largest stock exchange in Germany and is one of the leading traditional exchanges in the world decided to create ICO Platform & Crypto-Exchange. In April 2018, Boerse Stuttgart announced a mobile application for trading in cryptocurrencies, which the Exchange called “the first crypto application in the world, behind which there is a traditional stock exchange.” The application under the name BISON is being built by the FinTech start-up Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures.

BISON will be available free of charge from the autumn of 2018, first in German, and then in English languages. BISON will show the customers the fun of the crypto world, without any of the hassle. The users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly and with ease. The application will help yhe users to keep up with the buzz from social media, stay on top of their investments, and be informed about the situation on the crypto market. The application is easily activated, does not require commission for each transaction and there is no need for crypto wallets. The study showed that investors want “easier access to the market for cryptocurrency.”

On August 2nd , 2018 Boerse Stuttgart Group announced further plans to expand the supply of digital assets. The group launches the ICO platform and a “multilateral and adjustable trading platform for cryptocurrency” along with cryptocurrency storage services to achieve “an integrated infrastructure for digital assets.”

The Boerse Stuttgart ICO platform will facilitate the release of tokens, and tokens can be traded on the secondary market through trading platforms that are “an important success factor for the ICO.”


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