Review – Is Scam or a Legit Crypto Exchange? Review logo aspires to be your trading post for all things related to cryptocurrencies. The platform supports approximately 200 different currencies that are traded across more than 350 different markets. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be purchased and sold by traders, with margin and spot trading being the most often used marketplaces. Through its “push transaction” feature, the platform also enables traders to conduct peer-to-peer transactions between themselves. We will evaluate its numerous prices, security protocols, reward schemes, and educational resources in this review.

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Competitive Prices At announces its costs for each market and each trade type on the platform.’s prices are competitive in the market. It indicates that the service charges not more than 0.2 percent on market activity, with rates extending from 5 percent to 18 percent on cryptocurrency lending. The withdrawal fees are extremely low overall. There are zero fees associated with making a deposit; nevertheless, you should review the fee schedule for your desired cryptocurrency, as well as the corresponding withdrawal fees.

Rewards At takes the importance of its marketing and reward programs exceptionally seriously. As a result of their extensive rewards program, it is reminiscent of the promotions offered by an online casino. When you use, you get points for tasks on the platform, whether basic (filling up your profile or making a deposit) or more sophisticated (such as making a transaction).

Bonuses that are tied to your trading activity are available. You may be eligible to participate in a specific type of trading that result in unique rewards if you are on the “HODL & Earn” list. You can also earn points, which can be redeemed for further benefits.

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Register for the newsletter to get an opportunity to win prizes, or download the app to receive a $100 reward for signing up for the newsletter (you can get this reward if you download the application.) You will also receive a forty percent commission rate if you refer friends to the site.

Education At education

Trading information, numerous trading alternatives, and real-time market updates are all available through’s high-quality user interface. The rewards system makes the platform a little more fascinating, and you can usually obtain all of the information you need through the help page or customer service choices.

A “Cryptopedia” of cryptocurrency terminology and extra material is also available on, designed for the newbie investor. It helps you have a better understanding of the technology and make more informed judgments. Blockchain comics are a fun and engaging way to learn about technology. Educational films supplement the information provided in the comics, and this website also has a calendar of important crypto events that have formed the market in recent years.

Security Protocols At

When the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) calls for increased security in the cryptocurrency industry, goes above and beyond safeguarding its website. The website makes use of a secure server and provides various methods for keeping your information safe.

The site’s first requirement to ensure security is making a Google account sign-in with Two-Factor Authentication. The second requirement is a 2-Factor Authentication using SMS (Short Message Service), and the last condition is developing a password for fund withdrawal.  Because of this strong security, the company is ranked first in the world by Cyber security Rating.

Placing An Order At is a platform that brings together a variety of markets and cryptocurrencies in one place. There are nearly hundreds of cryptocurrencies to keep track of and far more markets to pick from. When you click on the “Markets” tab, a menu of coins appears on the left, enabling you to browse for the currency you want. On the right, you can see the current order book, market prices from across the world, and currency information.

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Final Thoughts Among its many advantages, including multiple trading choices, is that it acts as a doorway to various cryptocurrency markets. Download the app, go to the website, and create an account to take advantage of generous incentives and manage many cryptocurrencies simultaneously.

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