FTX Review – Is FTX Scam or a Legit Crypto Exchange?

FTX Review

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FTX, which ranks among the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, offers competitive trading costs as well as hundreds of different coins. FTX has a subsidiary company that is a cryptocurrency exchange for consumers in the United States, has a limited coin selection but still offers a wide range of features. See if FTX is a suitable cryptocurrency exchange for you by reading our complete FTX review.

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FTX Exchange Platform

The FTX cryptocurrency exchange is a centralized virtual currency exchange. An online platform and a mobile application are available for purchasing, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. It is possible to use one of two FTX platforms. Clients based outside of the US can access the original FTX platform. It offers a broader range of coins as well as other features such as cryptocurrency futures trading.

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FTX accounts can be funded by either an automated clearing house (ACH) or a bank transfer once you register for an account and verify your identification. Once the funds are ready, you can use them to purchase any of the cryptocurrencies that FTX has to offer. FTX allows Staking, and this process will enable you to increase the value of your cryptocurrency holdings. You’ll be able to view which products are available to stake in your FTX account once you log in. After that, you can bet your cryptocurrency and earn up to 8percent in rewards.

An Array Of Cryptocurrencies

FTX currently has over 275 coins available, which is much more than the majority of exchanges. That’s a decent sum, and it incorporates Bitcoin, a slew of alternative cryptocurrencies, and a few stable coins. FTX.US, on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily have a strong suit in this area, unlike the exchange’s foreign platform.

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FTX Charges Low Fees

One of the most attractive aspects of FTX is the cheap trading costs it charges. Maker/taker fees begin at 0.10 percent and 0.40 percent, respectively, of the total transaction value. The taker fee is collected on orders that are fulfilled immediately, and the maker fee is levied on orders that are not filled right away.

That is already a significant discount from what most of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges charge as starting rates. In addition, high-volume traders may be eligible for cheaper fees at FTX.

High Reward On Holdings

FTX provides cryptocurrency staking. When you stake cryptocurrency with FTX, you get incentives depending on the bet amount, similar to how you would earn interest on funds in a savings account. If you want to exchange your cryptocurrency, you can remove it from your stake at any moment. Staking incentives vary but can be as high as 8% of the total amount staked.

NFT Marketplace

 FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides a market for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Ownership of digital products is verified through the use of these tokens, which are popular among digital art enthusiasts.

You can purchase and bid on the NFTs on the FTX and FTX.US exchanges. You can also produce (mint) your personal NFTs and sell them on the secondary market.

FTX Offers Margin Trading

Margin trading is available to qualified traders who are willing to invest at least $100,000 in their FTX account. It provides you with accessibility to up to ten times the leverage. It is not suggested for beginners to engage in margin trading because it is a high-risk approach that exposes your account to the chance of liquidation.

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FTX Debit Card

FTX provides a digital debit card to its users upon request. The FTX card can be used to pay for the services or products purchased online.  If your USD balance is insufficient, FTX will exchange your other crypto coins for US dollars to complete the purchase. However, for the time being, FTX is just providing a virtual debit card; however, this may alter in the future.


FTX is a perfect choice for you if you have previous experience with cryptocurrencies and are intrigued by advanced capabilities such as margin trading or if you’re seeking competitive trading fees.

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