FTX Teams Up With Golden State Warriors

A partnership has been reportedly started by FTX U.S. with the Golden State Warriors (an NBA team). The respective collaboration will witness the team dropping NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the NFT marketplace of FTX in the upcoming year.

Collaboration involves brand placement as well as NFTs

FTX has continuously carried out the endeavors thereof regarding the affiliation with athletic groups, and this time it brings the Golden State Warriors of the NBA in the scene. The respective partnership will take account of an official drop of NFTs during the coming year. As per the press release – being the official crypto venue as well as the NFT marketplace of the Warriors – NFTs will be dropped on the FTX.us by the franchise in the early phase of the approaching year.

The contract will additionally take in the brand placement, signifying that a visible presence in the market will be shown by both of the companies on an international level by including likeness and logo. The logo of FTX will be placed on the Golden State Warriors as well as the affiliated teams’ court fixtures. An extension will additionally be made into the spaces of virtual e-sports by the brand placement. In the end, the collaboration will be embellished with Bitcoin (BTC) donation. San Francisco Bay-based three institutions (that are specified for the quality education in mathematics, engineering, technology, and science) will have the dispensation of 3 Bitcoin (nearly $143,000).

FTX occupies several collaborations

Formerly, the FTX platform had collaborated with Steph Curry – a player from the Golden State Warriors – who was appointed as the firm’s brand ambassador and was provided with the equity stake in return for his labors. The exchange of cryptocurrency has furthermore taken the University of Kentucky Wildcats as its associate. It has also obtained naming rights to the stadiums in Miami that named American Airlines arena previously along with the Berkeley-based field of football representing the University of California.

FTX counts to be among the biggest exchanges of cryptocurrency across the world that are running in the U.S. The United States-based branch of the exchange has handled more than $2.5B in terms of volume during the recent 24 hours over the spot exchange thereof, turning it into the sixth biggest exchange in this respect. The open interest of up to $7.3B is also witnessed by it in the exchange of derivatives.

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