FTX Successfully Wins Assets Belonging To Voyager Digital In An Auction

FTX US has recently made a major announcement in regards to winning the assets that once belonged to the highly troubled lending platform Voyager Digital.

FTX US Wins the Auction

FTX US, a major cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States has announced that it has won the bid for Voyager Digital’s assets.

Voyager digital was once one of the top cryptocurrency lending platforms as well as a cryptocurrency brokerage firm.

However, with the downfall of the Terra Network, Voyager Digital had no option but to file for bankruptcy.

In order to pay the creditors and investors back for their investments, Voyager Digital decided to sell its assets with the order coming from the court.

The reports confirm that FTX US has won the auction that valued the overall assets for Voyager Digital at almost $1.4 billion.

The company had announced that the value of its crypto holdings was worth $1.3 billion. Additionally, the company claimed that its assets also had an incremental value that was to be worth $111 million.

Surprisingly, FTX US did not present any arguments on the $111 million and proceeded with the auction, finally acquiring the assets.

No Clarity about Voyager Digital’s Customers

There is a major concern among the customers of Voyager Digital who have received no refund or compensation for the money they lost to the platform.

There is no clarity on whether the users will regain access to the cryptocurrency holdings they had on the platform or not. For now, no clarity or additional information has been provided by the executives at Voyager Digital surrounding the matter.

The crypto sources have assured that they will be sharing more information as it is made available from the side of Voyager Digital.

FTX US to Let Customers Trade as Normal

After winning the assets, FTX US has full control over the assets, tools, and platforms that were once run by Voyager Digital.

The Voyager Digital officials confirmed after the auction that FTX US has decided it would let the users trade in cryptocurrencies as normal. The users will be able to store their cryptocurrencies in their holdings on the platform.

However, it is yet to be confirmed what is going to happen to the old crypto holdings the users had in their accounts at Voyager Digital. The access to use the platform will be given to the users by the FTX US exchange once the chapter 11 cases have been concluded.

FTX US has not decided to comment on the situation but the exchange has no such responsibility over the funds that Voyager Digital was once responsible for.

It is expected that the Bankruptcy Court in the United States may issue an order to Voyager Digital officials to deal with their customers and compensate them for their losses.

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