Football Superstar James Rodriguez Launching His Own Cryptocurrency

James Rodriguez, the renowned football star and notorious online networking influencer, reported through a video message today that he is beginning public sale of his own digital money on June 12th  on a blockchain-powered portable application created by fintech organization SelfSell.

The Colombian football star, conveyed the message through a video recorded during the speech of the SelfSell Founder and CEO, Yuan Li, at the BlockShow 2018 in Berlin. He launched the JR10 Token, the main digital currency started by a football player on dynamic obligation, planning to manufacture more grounded fan relations and make new development driven power for worldwide game market.

James found it’s “a super cool trial” to launch a token branded with his own name and bring valuable gifts to all his fans. “Now I have come to a new field and brought everyone a brand new me”, he said.

According to Li, JR10 Token has proved its great potential. There has been a pre-sale of JR10 Token on SelfSell app yesterday, and they were sold out in 12 seconds.

Of course, the value of a football star can be realized mainly by playing the role of brand ambassador, generating transfer income or winning a game prize. Using blockchain technology, Self Sell has built a platform that gives more opportunities to update personal value and expand its influence.

It’s also been noted by Li that Jr 10 Token will also benefit all James fans. For example, the token will be used to exchange tickets for matches, souvenirs and goods made exclusively for them, as well as to participate in the activities of his fan club. Thanks to jr10 holding, his fans will be “more than just cheering viewers, they are also the beneficiaries of his growing value,” Li mentioned.
8% of the JR10 Token tokens will be issued to James’ fans free of charge, which equals 160 million tokens, to create a rapidly growing JR10 fans community.

Superstar Token can be bought on the SelfSell application only. It is available on the or Playstore.



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