The First Cryptocurrency Guarantee in the World Against Theft

First time in the world, the company GoldCrypto will protect and guarantee cryptocurrency tokens from money theft. A statement pointed, that in the case of hacking, the stolen tokens will be replaced. This positions GoldCrypto AuX tokens better than bank-standard cryptocurrency.

The security initiative implemented through the CryptoSecure Cryptocurrency Platform, which makes hacking and theft of tokens futile.

The stolen token will become unvalid in the hands of crypto-hackers and replaced into the victim´s account.

AuX tokens represent a major industry breakthrough providing utility, value and security, in a cryptocurrency market where hacking and token theft is rampant.

GoldCrypto also suggests a token, which is gold-backed with over a 50 per cent premium in physical gold which keeps increasing over time. Also the company presents a rock-solid entry into the gold and cryptocurrency markets that is unmatched anywhere.

GoldCrypto participants will benefit through this innovation from bank account protection as well as 50 per cent-plus leverage in gold-backing at initial commencement.

The GoldCrypto tokens are backed by physical gold starting at $0.30 US per token. It is better exchangeable for physical gold than Bitcoin AuX, the future of money.

GoldCrypto has already pre-purchased over 13,000 ounces of gold through the Key Capital Corp Mining Division — the Division specialists will monitor gold production and the final delivery to GoldCrypto-appointed vault storage.


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