An important announcement about first crypto-money hacking  was made by New Zealand police on the issue several times since it took over the undertakings, and one of them was the acceptance to allow the stock market to continue dealing. Also, Cryptopia has not made the site available and the crypto money exchange is closed yet. On 24 February, the leaders of the Cryptopia stock exchange made a statement from Discord about the questions.

16.1 million dollars in the hacker event, estimated to have been stolen, hackers, Ethereum wallets had been emptied for weeks. Cryptopia officials mentioned that although they got permission from the local authorities, but they wouldn’t continue to proceed until all funds were available and should not be in a hurry.

Crypto money exchange officials statement has also pointed up that New Zealand law forbid a company to undertake irresponsible operations in a way that puts investors at risk.

Additionally, the Cryptopia event, US law enforcement officials recently announced that in 2016 they had returned $120,000 BTC to $104,000 from the Bitfinex crypto money exchange. However, it’s not easy to get back the hacked amounts from the crypto money exchanges, US officials managed to do so in a small amount.


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