Today, Swiss electronics manufacturer SIRIN Labs launches its first blockchain smartphone, said the publication of Computerworld on November 28.

SIRIN Labs, a manufacturer of smartphones Solarin worth $ 14,000, is developing an open source model that runs on the blockchain. The company held an ICO in December, collecting $157 million, and this summer announced the upcoming product release in November. The head of SIRIN Labs noted that the new blockchain smartphone is designed to simplify the process of using cryptocurrencies and p2p networks.

Named after bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, FINNEY’s smartphone will run on Android and the open-source operating system SIRIN OS, specifically designed to support applications such as cryptocurrency cold storage wallets and secure exchange access.

The article also notes that Token Conversion Service (TCS) application will be built into the new smartphone for $1000, in which it will be possible to convert tokens and coins, without the need of external applications.



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