First Blockchain Payment System Is Launched By Taiwanese Taipei Bank

Private Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank has allegedly turned into the first bank in Taiwan to convey a blockchain-based installment framework, local media Taipei Times reported on May 14.

In fact bank declared that it developed its blockchain-based payment system for restaurants and merchants close to the National Chengchi University. Taipei Fubon Bank initially uncovered its intends to present a blockchain-based payment network system in March 2017 when it concluded an agreement with the college to do “key technology and engineering R&D for [a] blockchain payment network.”

Working on the Ethereum (ETH) network system, the blockchain- powered installment and payment application executes the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) agreement convention, which lessens payment times, and in addition saves money on the cost of transactions. As per the bank, the calculation has sliced transaction times up to less than one second.


The recently launched blockchain development likewise gives an enhanced technique for recording data transactions. Every transaction is right away encoded and recorded on the blockchain, and traders will have the capacity to require complete and terminated transaction records via blockchain account book.

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As per Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, the volume of transaction of agreeable shippers, traders and merchants in the zone close to the mentioned university has quadrupled over the two-week time period. Taipei Fubon Bank expresses that the following stage in the venture’s improvement is to extend the blockchain-controlled payment system to stores and organizations over the Chengchi territory, making a demonstration zone for the new application.

Taipei reported that they plan to transform into a ”smart city,” utilizing blockchain to ensure innovative advances like contamination sensors and wellbeing history following to nationals. In February, the legislative head of Taiwan’s national bank Yang Chin- long announced that the bank is investigating blockchain applications to enhance “the security and productivity of payment systems.”



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