Fashion Brand Zara Rolls Out Its First-Ever Solo Collection In Metaverse

Almost everyone is familiar with the name of the Zara fast-fashion brand. Zara has introduced its latest collection named Lime Glam. The customers can wear these garments inside the virtual world and also purchase them from stores. As wearable things instantly turn into the modern fashion trend and attract the people who have fashion-awareness and, mainstream brands such as Zara are keenly interested in participating in it.

Decentraland, Zilliqa, Somnium Space, and many others with metaverses are offering places for brands to fulfill avatars, where many wearable things are designed with double roles for real life and virtual life. Now the question is that how can these avatars suit one’s physical personality?

Simply, someone should select wearable things that reflect their style.

If the customers choose a physical version, then they will be able to get the facility of a digital version. In this way, the whole purchasing process will be streamlined. There’s a specific category on the website of Zara which shows avatars wearing the latest Lime Glam collection that attracts and inspire the customers.

The Zepeto application is promoting the Lime Glam collection by using different marketing tricks like digital walls, a floor, and a photo booth. Zepeto has also worked to launch Gucci Villa in August 2021. The style of 3D designs is appealing and simple, displaying the latest fashion requirements; this limited-edition collection includes many items like green garments, sandals, jackets, and shoulder bags.

Fashion and beauty-related brands are conducting experiments about a virtual version of items because the industry takes into account the ability of the metaverse. As customers are deliberately spending much time in the digital world, keeping customers in mind, brands are keenly interested and taking experiments for adding more unique things to the public.

While talking to the media, Morgan Stanley said there’s the possibility that the digital fashion industry is capable of achieving a milestone of $50B in market volume in 2030, which is good news for the fashion industry. If many household-related fashion brands go for metaverse, then avatars have more chances to select from various ranges of fashion-related products and have the choice to display in their way.

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