FARM to hit $254.5 or $148.6, Price Analysis

The price analysis for Harvest Finance (FARM) suggests that its price has surged 111.75% in the past 7-days. Even in the past 24-hours, FARM’s price has continued experiencing a high trend, managing to grow by 38.24%. As a result of the surge, the price of FARM is now at $200.59 per FARM.

The price analysis for FARM from TradingView suggests that FARM is currently in a high bullish zone. This suggests that the price of FARM is going to grow higher as more investors are willing to buy FARM as compared to sellers.

The summary scale for FARM suggests that the participation ratio of the investors for “sell:neutral: buy” is all currently exhibiting 0:10:14. This means that the situation is completely under the bulls’ control as no investors are willing to sell the FARM in their possession.

It is reassuring for the investors wanting to accumulate as many FARM as possible. The investors currently have no intentions of selling FARM, which may continue pushing its price higher.

In the upcoming days, more investors may continue buying FARM in order to push its price higher. Even the RSI graph is currently moving over line number 70. This is also a positive indicator for the investors that the price of FARM may continue moving in the upwards direction.

Keeping the current price of FARM into consideration, it is expected that the bulls may try pushing its price over the $220.11 per FARM price. At present, the $220.11 figure is the first strong resistance mark for FARM.

If the bulls are able to push FARM’s price across the $220.11 mark, their next goal would be to push its price over the $235.24 per FARM mark. This is the second strong resistance mark for FARM. If the bulls carry on with their buying rally, they may be able to achieve the $254.5 per FARM figure in the upcoming days.

Then there are the bears who may increase their selling pressure as the bulls bring FARM close to the first resistance mark. If that happens, then the bears will be able to bring FARM’s price below the $200 price mark. They may attempt to bring it all the way down to the first strong support mark ($194.15 per FARM).

If that happens, the bears will have made their presence known and may also achieve bringing the RSI towards the bearish trend. At this point, the RSI line may start descending and if the bears bring FARM below the $175.11 per FARM figure.

Once the bears achieve that, the RSI for FARM may enter the bearish trend, triggering a selling rally. This may cause the price of FARM to fall all the way down to $148.6 per FARM.

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