FAI Aviation Group Announces It Will Accept Crypto As Payment

A respected European aviation operator based in Germany is making an important decision as it will affect how people in Europe will use crypto.

Siegfried Axtmann, the founder of FAI Aviation Group, announced that the company would start accepting cryptocurrencies due to an unexpectedly high demand for this payment option among clients.

In his statement, Axtmann says that FAI is a business that looks into the future and tries to respond to client requests efficiently and quickly.

After conducting internal research and considering all possible business opportunities, the operator decided to allow crypto payments.

Europe is the biggest crypto-adoption region

While other regions are seeing massive increases in trading volumes and people using crypto in day-to-day operations, the adoption of cryptocurrencies on the corporate level is still the fastest in Europe.

Many companies are offering various ways to pay for their products and embrace crypto despite the ongoing “winter” and the absence of sound regulations (MiCA still needs work).

In business aviation, cryptocurrencies have become a very demanded payment option as many contemporary users of crypto prefer fast-paced transactions and security over traditional bank wires and other payment methods.

It is also important that business-class passengers can access their finances even when their banks are not working. Night and emergency flights are easier to pay for in BTC or ETH.

Axtmann states that the existing clientele will be appreciative of the option.

The company aims to secure the audience of crypto users and become the flight operator of choice for modern business-class travelers in Europe.

FAI expects a massive $126.8 million in revenue from ticket sales in 2022 and a 10% for the next year. The forecast does not account for crypto payments and the effect of the new service on sales volumes.

FAI is not your average flight operator

The company specializes in providing private jets and jet rental services and has unique flight routes that cater to the audience of wealthy clients.

The demand for cryptocurrency payments option is one of the most prevalent among these customers, who often prefer using their BTC reserves to pay for luxury services like flying a private jet.

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