Exchange Binance Opened A Research Department Of Crypto Projects

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Exchange Binance Opened A Research Department Of Crypto Projects

Crypto-assets exchange Binance has launched a research unit of the Binance Research. It will prepare regular reports on the most outstanding projects of the crypto industry, the tokens which are traded on Binance. The tasks of the Department also include the preparation of a study for each new project as part of its listing on the trading floor.

Earlier, in February started a service Binance Info, which collected data about various crypto-assets. In August, the exchange launched the Binance Academy educational platform.

The Binance Research division will publish detailed reports on specific crypto-projects whose tokens are traded on Binance.

“We hope that our research will raise the standards of transparency in the blockchain industry and provide the community with a deep look at the progress, fulfillment of obligations and authenticity of each project,” Binance Research noted.

In General, it is planned to create a reporting system for each of the projects under consideration, so the company reports will be published regularly.

In addition, Binance Research will be responsible for issuing research for each new token that is listed on Binance.

Note that in late October, Binance opened a charity portal for collecting donations, working on the blockchain. Earlier, to increase the transparency of its work, Binance promised to publish data on fees for listing new coins.


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