Ex- Football Player Ronaldinho Announced Launch Of New Crypto-Coin

Ex Brazilian football player Ronaldinho, is as well attracted by the reality of cryptocurrency hype and declared the launch of his own crypto-coin. The coin named – Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC), was created on the NEO blockchain platform. The RSC Program has been begun in cooperation with a startup called  World Soccer Coin (WSC) which is situated in Malta.

The overall delivery of the RSC coins is 350 million, out of which 150 million will be proposed in an particular and individual sale that initiates in a couple of days. Nevertheless, the project’s detailed report has not been issued for now.

The NEO-founded RSC token will feed a whole ecosystem named Planet RSC, which includes the Ronaldinho Soccer Academy, Smile Project, a betting marketplace, Ronaldinho digital stadiums, and so on.

Ronaldinho, who is famous for having gained two FIFA World Player of Year Awards and a Ballon d’Or, has acted for clubs like Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Milan, and Barcelona.

Now he is using his popularity and achievements in the program that will rotate around the RSC cryptocurrency.
In fact Ronaldinho is not the only footballer to be involved in his own cryptocurrency launching. A famous football player James Rodriguez had launched the JR10 token.


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