Evan Cheng Blockchain Division As Facebook Engineer

Recently Facebook has assigned one of its chief engineers Evan Cheng as the Director of Engineering at its lately started Blockchain unit, alarming and mentioning the significance of the program. Cheng is also specified as an consultant to blockchain launching companies and programs Zilliqa and ChainLink.

Previously in May, Facebook had adjusted a team within the framework the firm to study blockchain innovation technology and its eventual use for the platform, led by long period Messenger chief David Marcus. Nevertheless, the newest executive shakeup seems to indicate to the social networking titan acquiring more significant regarding evolving on maximum of blockchain technology.

Furthermore Cheng, the technology titan has also assigned Kevin Weil, former vice president of product at Instagram, as the vice president of product at their Blockchain division, the report said. “It means it’s not just an exploratory project.”

Enlisting Cheng to the blockchain team signals the significance of the project, the source said. Pursuant to his LinkedIn page, Cheng has been hired at Facebook since November 2015 and has been operating at their Programming Languages and Runtimes, a post he arranged for nearly three years.

He also treated at Apple for over 10 years and is enrolled as one of the inventors of LLVM — a composer that creates the low-level automatic code for Apple devices. Blockchain, an electronic ledger in which operations made in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are registered, is the next big item.

Even though Facebook has not declared any schemes about how they would utilize blockchain hardware on their platform, it is obvious they are cashing this technology with interest. Through the prism of the information crises faced by Facebook, it is going to be exciting to watch how they apply this technology to develop and enhance their services.




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